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MELTRIC’s Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety and functionality of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. They help water and wastewater treatment plants ensure worker safety while
also reducing equipment and labor costs. They are UL and CSA rated for motor circuit and branch circuit disconnect switching and meet code requirements for ‘line of sight’ disconnects. Switch-rated plugs and receptacles
eliminate the need for expensive auxiliary disconnects and enable plug and play equipment changeouts.

Featured Application Spotlight: Submersible Mixers

Switch-rated plugs and receptacles allow mixers to be connected and disconnected
safely with plug-and-play simplicity. Mechanics can easily replace or service
the mixers without the need for cumbersome PPE (personal protective equipment)
because the switch-rated plugs and receptacles meet NFPA 70E’s ‘Normal
Operation’ definition.

Disconnecting a motor becomes a simple operation that is initiated by pressing
the pawl on the receptacle, which causes it to break the circuit and eject the plug
to its rest position. Then, a simple quarter-turn of the plug allows it to be totally
withdrawn from the receptacle in complete safety, since the circuit is already
dead. When the plug and receptacle are separated, a safety shutter prevents
access to live parts and the plug can be easily locked out.

Durability is ensured by UV resistant casings and an ‘automatic watertightness’
feature that provides environmental protection up to IP69/IP69K. The plugs and
receptacles utilize spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt-style contacts for superior
electrical performance over thousands of operations and are resistant to wear,
corrosion, oxidation and other factors that contribute to premature failure of pin
and sleeve-type devices in water/wastewater facilities.

Customer Testimonial:

“When the first mixer failed, we had to shut everything off and disconnect all the wiring
before we could pull it out and drop in a replacement. If one failed on a weekend, the
weekend staff couldn’t handle it, so we either had to wait until Monday or call in an
electrician. Now we just pull the plug, crank the mixer up and plug in a new one. We’re
ready to go in minutes, and there’s never any exposure to live power.”
Assistant Water Systems Manager – Wisconsin

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