Verifying the presence of reflective metal sheets on a stamping press can be challenging.  The reflectivity of the target can be difficult for many sensors to detect  reliably, and the harsh environment can damage sensors that are too close to the process. Learn how the Q5X laser distance sensor solves this application.

Challenges: A Reflective Target and a Harsh Environment

In metal stamping press applications, metal sheets must be placed and properly indexed on the press before stamping.  A solution is needed to both verify that a metal sheet is present in the press and also verify that the sheet is positioned correctly on the press to reduce the risk of material waste and/or damage to the press die.

The challenge is that metal parts are reflective, which can be difficult for many sensors to detect.  In addition, in stamping press applications, the background is often a similar color to the parts being detected, which can further reduce the reliability of many sensors.  In addition, the sensor must be mounted away from press to reduce risk of damage to the sensor.

Solution: A High Power, Mid-Range Laser Distance Sensor

A distance-based background suppression detection sensor, like the Q5X laser distance sensor, is ideal for these applications because the sensor can both verify part presence and ensure that parts are properly indexed by verifying the leading edge of the material in the press.  This reduces inventory and maintenance requirements, because one sensor can be used to determine both conditions.

In addition, the Q5X can reliably detect shiny objects even at an acute angle, and with background suppression, the sensor can ignore anything located beyond the cutoff point.  Furthermore, with a range of up to 2 m, the Q5X can be mounted safely outside of the harsh process environment, reducing the risk of damage to the sensor, which saves replacement and maintenance costs.  This ensures a reliable, long term solution with minimal maintenance requirements.

Key Benefits of the Q5X Laser Distance Sensor


The Q5X sensor solves the most difficult distance-based applications, even at acute angles.  The Q5X reliably detects black targets against a black background, black targets against a shiny metal background, clear and reflective objects, multicolor packaging, and targets of all colors.


With industry-standard rectangular housing and 270-degree rotatable M12 QD, the Q5X sensor is compact and flexible to meet a wide variety of mounting constraints.  In addition, the sensor features stable detection all the way out to 2 meters—even at an angle—which enables even greater mounting flexibility.  In addition, an extensive offering of metal protective brackets enable the sensor to withstand the most difficult industrial environments.