The Full Range of Automation
Solutions for Packaging

When your packaging and
processing application demands
the highest standards of reliability
and cleanliness, Turck provides
high IP rated automation
solutions to get the job done.

From monitoring changeover
processes on lines to detecting
bottle caps on a filling and
capping machine, we offer a
rugged solution that stands up to
harsh processes. Turck has a wide

range of reliable automation
products – including sensors,
industrial cordsets, distributed
I/O products and RFID to tackle
whatever packaging automation
challenges you are facing.

Talk to our experts about:

■ Can and cap detection
■ Cables and connectors
■ Custom harnesses
■ Cylinder sensors
■ Ethernet connectivity solutions
■ Field logic devices
■ Fieldbus technologies
■ Flow control
■ HMIs
■ Inclinometers
■ Inductive proximity sensors
■ Interface technologies
■ I/O products: DeviceNet, EtherCAT,
■ Linear & rotary encoders
■ Pressure transmitters
■ RFID systems
■ Stainless steel sensors
■ Temperature sensors
■ Ultrasonic sensors