Kübler time preset counters can be used for any conceivable application. The exact control of operating times, machine running times, processes, presences, and cycle times is based on electronic or electromechanical technology. The highest quality, optimum readability and long service life characterize Kübler’s counting technology. The ease of installation thanks to plain text programming, as well as the multicolor (touch) display and the display of reciprocal values deserve special mention. You, too, can count with us – count on Kübler.

Displays, Counters and Process devices for different applications

Electromechanical. Electronic. Pneumatic. 100% readability. Reliable and long-lasting – Made in Germany.


Time preset counter – adding with standing preset.

  • Manual zeroing
  • Counter reading and preset permanently visible
  • Potential-free changeover switch
Dimension, mm
60 x 75 mm | 50 x 50 mm
Supply voltage

· 20…30 V AC
· 42…48 V AC
· 187…264 V AC
· 360…440 V AC
· 10…30 V DC


5-digit number, mech. roller counter


Fuente: https://www.kuebler.com/