The VFD cable market is large and growing.  VFD motors drive machines that often operate in harsh industrial environments. To maximize production uptime, connections between motors and drives must utilize robust cables.  LAPP VFD cables are engineered to operate in harsh factory conditions using strong resistance to oil, water, impact, and other damaging factors.

LAPP introduces our new ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL cable. This innovative cable has important features that make it an important addition to our range of VFD cables.  As with all LAPP products, this cable provides exceptional oil and crush resistance required for industrial applications.


UL TC-ER rating allows for installation without conduit, providing material and time cost savings. The VFD 1XL uses thin wall XLPE (plus) insulation providing a reduced cable outer diameter (OD) enabling it to better fit into increasingly-crowded trays.  If required, the reduced OD allows for smaller conduit or pipe.


In addition to a smaller OD, the ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL and ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL with Signal are both highly flexible, making installation easier – especially in crowded cabinets.  Additionally, the VFD 1XL cable has a CF-01* continuous flex rating.


Approvals include:

·         UL TC-ER per UL 1277

·         C(UL) CIC FT4

·         Meets XHHW-2 performance requirements per UL 44


The ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL, and ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL with Signal, are robust, oil- and UV-resistant shielded motor cables for VFD drives. The enhanced electrical properties of its XLPE Plus insulation provide problem-free performance where precision control is critical.