Switch Ratings
MELTRIC DS and DSN series combine
the safety of a disconnect switch
with the convenience of a plug and
receptacle. Safely make and break
connections under load.
Switch-Rated Plugs and Receptacles
with DECONTACTOR® Technology
• Type 4X, IP69/IP69K automatic watertightness when connected or lid is closed
• Ideal for welders, motors, and other industrial electrical equipment
• Built-In Arc Chamber
Eliminates dangerous arc hazard at
disconnection. No need to conduct
arc flash assessment or establish arc
flash and shock protection boundaries.
• Safety Shutter
Prevents accidental electrical
exposure to live contacts.
• NEC & NFPA 70E Compliant
Separation of the plug and receptacle provides
visual proof of de-energization. Establishes
“electrically safe” work conditions without
cumbersome PPE or voltage testing.

• Spring-loaded butt-style contacts ensure optimal contact
force is maintained over thousands of operations
• Silver-nickel contacts provide reliable connections that
resist welding, wear, and corrosion and are 20x more
conductive than brass
• Spring-assisted terminals prevent loosening over time

Maximum Safety
• Eliminate Potential Arc Flash Exposure
Load making and breaking is isolated in an enclosed arc chamber,
so users cannot draw an arc if disconnecting under load. Once the
plug and receptacle are separated, a dead-front safety shutter
prevents unintended access to live parts.
• Simplify Code Compliance
MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles are an approved
NEC ‘line of sight’ disconnect. Plug and receptacle separation
provides the de-energization visual verification required to comply
with NFPA 70E/CSA Z462—without the need for cumbersome PPE.
Lower Costs
• Reduce Equipment Costs
Switch-Rated devices are designed and rated for disconnect
switching. There is no need for the expensive switches and
interlocks required with pin and sleeve devices.
• Reduce Maintenance Costs
Durable contacts provide longer operating life; eliminate voltage
testing and PPE “suit up” time.
Increased Efficiency
• Reduce Equipment Change-Out Time
Replace motors and equipment quickly and easily with MELTRIC
plug and play simplicity. Qualified personnel can change out
equipment without PPE or additional energy verification.
• Integral Process Monitoring
MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles are available with
up to 6 auxiliary contacts allowing users to combine power and
control circuits in one connection.