High performance technology for efficient control of contamination levels in hydraulic, lubrication and engine circuits

Eaton’s spin-on filters are designed to provide one of the highest cleanliness levels for hydraulic systems, featuring cartridges that are engineered to fit into many leading filter systems on the market.

These filters are available with the following features:

• Compatible with a variety of mediums such as oils, fuels, emulsions, glycol water and synthetic fluids
• Cartridge pressure values in 170, 360, 500 psi (12, 25 and 35 bar)
• Flow rates up to 48 gpm (180 l/min)
• Wide range of operating temperatures from -13°F to 230°F (-25 °C up to +110 °C)
• Buna N gaskets
• Connection sizes: 1 /2”, 3 /4”, 1”, 1 1 /4” in BSPP or NPT
• Other configurations are available upon request

Eaton’s spin-on filters are manufactured and tested according to ISO 2941, ISO 3723 and ISO 2942.

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