Automatic doors on test equipment can pose a hazard to machine operators and staff. Safety light curtains are often used to safeguard these points of access, but on small machines, full-size safety light curtains can interfere with machine operation and access. Keep reading to learn how SLC4 safety light curtains solve this application.

Application: Safeguarding Access Points on Small Machines

To ensure reliable performance, electronic components are tested before being packaged and shipped. During testing, each component is isolated in a sealed chamber to prevent exposure to ambient light and sound. With the component properly positioned in the chamber, the operator presses a button to initiate test processes. Once initiated, an automatic door closes, sealing the test chamber. To prevent accident and injury, the doorway must be clear before the door closes.

Solution: Very Compact, Low-Profile Safety Light Curtains

Banner’s SLC4 Series are Type 4 safety light curtains specifically designed to safeguard smaller points of operation and access on compact machines. They measure just 160 mm in length and have a low-profile design that fits easily in small spaces.

SLC4 safety light curtains have an end-to-end sensing design that eliminates detection blind zones and maximizes the sensing capabilities of these compact safety systems. They are available in models with 14 mm or 24 mm resolution to detect objects as small as a finger or a hand attempting to access the doorway.

The compact size of the SLC4 combined with a range of versatile mounting options, including multi-position end brackets and rotating side mount brackets, simplify installation in space-constrained deployments. They configure easily with no PC software, DIP switches, or other devices required. Bicolor zone and status indicators reduce downtime by simplifying system alignment and troubleshooting.

Benefits of SLC4 Safety Light Curtains


The low-profile and short 160 mm length of SLC4 safety light curtains ensures an easy installation in space-constrained areas and will not interfere with machine access or operation.


The sensing area of the SLC4 extends across the full length of the device, eliminating blind zones and maximizing sensing capabilities in a minimally sized package.


With the lowest price per millimeter of any Type 4 safety light curtain from Banner Engineering, the SLC4 is an extremely cost-effective solution for simple machine safeguarding applications requiring only redundant, self-checking safety outputs.