S22 Pro touch buttons and indicators improve operator performance and clarify processes with bright, multicolor indication.  Watch the video to learn more about the new programmable touch buttons and indicators from Banner Engineering.


Introducing the S22 Pro series, bright multicolor indicators and touch-buttons from Banner Engineering.

The flush mount S22s are perfect for panels and other industrial control applications that require communication between an operator and machine.

Banner’s S22 Pro Series models are rated IP66, 67 and 69K, and ensure accurate touch response in washdown and dirty environments.

Indicators clearly indicate machine and process status with up to fourteen different colors, quickly guiding operators through assembly and other procedures.

Touch models give operators a bright, ergonomic button that can be activated by bare or gloved hands.

Pro Editor software compatibility allows customization of logic, colors and animations, opening a multitude of possibilities beyond factory defaults.

Models made from FDA grade plastic are available for use in food and beverage applications.

Connection options include standard cables and connectors, plus an integral terminal wiring option.

Improve operator performance, simplify training and clarify processes with the S22 Pro series multicolor indicators and touch-buttons.

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