The WLS27 Pro with IO-Link is one of two new models of the WLS27 Pro series strip light. It now includes programmable RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination, and inspection applications. Learn how the WLS27 Pro with IO-Link provided operators the necessary information and illumination to decrease product changeover times and maximize productivity.

Challenge: Product Changeover on Assembly Lines

End-of-arm tools must be changed to accommodate product changeover. Operators and maintenance staff must work together during this process to keep production smooth and overhead costs down. The production manager was eager to find a way to identify which stations were ready for changeover, to assist maintenance staff in the change, and to keep operators productive during the downtime.

Solution: Productivity Monitoring with WLS27 Pro strip lights

The production manager installed WLS27 Pro strip lights with IO-Link at each station to provide runtime illumination, plus advanced status information. White light illuminated the work area and indicated on-target production. When changeover was required, the light turned red to indicate stopped production and showed the need for maintenance staff. With maintenance underway, the second WLS27 provided a visual countdown of time remaining before the changeover was complete and production resumed, allowing the operator to perform other tasks before returning to the updated station on time.

Key Benefits


The bright, high-quality light of the WLS27 Pro makes it a great illumination product. Its RGBW LEDs give quality, flicker-free white light versus competitive models that create a mixed white from only RGB LEDs. The WLS27 Pro has a total of nineteen colors, thirteen colors plus six whites. This work light can be programmed to have bright white light for safety or efficiency during normal operation, and then to indicate other machine statuses, such as red for a stop condition. Additionally, advanced statuses allow the WLS27 Pro to indicate alarm states, show temperature, display position information, count for process verification, and display takt time


The rugged IP69K design provides reliable indication in a wide variety of conditions, including harsh washdown, machining and outdoor environments. The sealed lights are constructed with sturdy aluminum frames in a shatterproof copolyester housing, making them resistant to wet environments, impact, and breakage.


The WLS27 Pro offers illumination and multiple indication capabilities in a single device with EZ-STATUS® to simplify installation, improve ergonomics, and provide critical information. EZ-STATUS® promotes faster response to status changes and reduces the risk of costly mistakes and accidents. Use its bright white light for illumination or colors for broad status information or maintain white illumination in the center of the light and convey status through colored ends or moving bands of LEDs.


The WLS27 Pro with IO-Link has programmable RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination, and inspection applications, such as:

  • Bright white light for efficiency, quality and safety during normal operation
  • Standard diffusion window for full intensity and/or single LED resolution
  • Heavy diffuse window for smooth glow and close-range indication
  • Show time elapsed, level, temperature, position, angle or other “analog” type signals
  • Highlight available work zone status in robot cells
  • Provide operator guidance for assembly and manufacturing processes
  • Factory traffic status indication at intersections
  • High visibility indication for machine status and more
  • Human and machine vision inspection