Ideal for work-site power distribution to welders and
other portable equipment. Commonly used in shipyards
and construction sites.
Durable rubber material withstands rough handling.
Convenient size and shape makes it easy to move
around job site. Commonly used at construction sites
and aggregate processing facilities.
Ideal for high amperage power distribution to large
equipment or to secondary power distribution boxes
such as the Horizontal 6-Gang boxes shown above.
Commonly used in shipyards.
Custom cables with MELTRIC
connectors ensure safe
connection /disconnection on
both sides of extension cord.
Optional Lockout /Tagout
provisions are also
available for receptacles
Standard provision on
plugs permits easy
Lockout /Tagout
Prevent Exposure to Live Parts & Arcing
With their dead front construction and safety
shutter, switch-rated plugs & receptacles eliminate user exposure to live parts and
arcing. Operating them is a risk hazard
category Ø operation, so compliance with
NFPA 70E is simplified.
Simple Lockout-Tagout
Safety Shutter
Powder coated mild or
stainless steel enclosures
Switch-Rated Connections
OFF Button
Push Button
Circuit Disconnection
With their UL & CSA ratings for
disconnect switching up to 200A
and 75 hp, MELTRIC’s switch-rated
plugs and receptacles ensure safe
connections, even under load.


Wall Boxes with Integral Circuit Protection
Dual Voltage Boxes – Non-fused
Transformer Panel Packages
Provide extra protection with local fusing or circuit
breakers in an integral package or in combination
with an auxiliary bladed disconnect switch.
For plugging in both heavy duty equipment such
as welders or lighter duty equipment such as power
tools. Commonly used in automotive industry and
other large manufacturing facilities.
Transformer Panel Packages are available in a wide
variety of configurations. The vertical assembly shown
is easily transportable. Commonly used in construction
sites and portable plants.
Safety Switch /Receptacle Combination
also available up to 200A
Powder coated mild or
stainless steel enclosures
Up to 4 duplex
20A, 30A or 60A
Protect Users with100kA Short Circuit Ratings
Meltric’s switch-rated plugs and receptacles
have up to 100kA short circuit closing and withstand rating when used in circuits protected by
RK1 current limiting fuses.
Durability Ensures Long-Term Safety
Silver-nickel contacts maintain good conductivity
even in wet corrosive environments
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