The QS18 and Q20 Series of photoelectric sensors are now available in diffuse models with a small, visible spot for detecting the presence/absence of small features (for example screws or tabs) on a larger part. The new models provide a compact, cost-effective alternative to laser sensors for contrast detection of features in error-proofing and inspection applications.

Key Benefits

  • Narrow beam pattern (+/- 3 mm across the range) provides reliable small-object detection and precise position control and error-proofing (for example, verifying that a bolt is present in a hole).
  • Visible spot size varies by distance:
    • QS18 models feature a more rectangular spot (3 x 3 mm at 100 mm)
    • Q20 models feature a more rounded spot (6 mm diameter at 75 mm)
  • Small feature detection with a compact, cost-effective photoelectric sensor.
  • Fluorescent light resistance for reliable performance regardless of ambient lighting.