Learn about the new multicolor LED strip lights with EZ-STATUS® for illumination and indication in one device. Add versatility to lighting applications with a simple lighting device.


Introducing the new line of multicolor LED strip lights from Banner Engineering.

The new WLS27 and WLS28-2 with EZ-STATUS retains the same rugged design of the original lights while providing a long work life in harsh work environments and washdown areas.

Add versatility to your lighting application. Install a single light for illumination and indication, simplifying your spare parts list and improve visibility.

Supplementing traditional indicators, the WLS27 and WLS28-2 with EZ-STATUS® allow operators to focus on normal sightlines without having to look away for indications or warnings, increasing production efficiency.

The WLS28-2 offers three different window types. A lensed window provides users the option to focus light on a specific area for an unmistakable alert.

Multiple colors can also create high contrast, making one model ideal for human and machine vision inspection on different parts.

The addition of the new WLS27 with heavy diffuse window offers a more uniform light distribution with reduced hot spots and reduced intensity for increased operator visibility.

The 4-pin M12 connection and multiple mounting options make installation quick and easy.

And with cascading options and four lengths to choose from, these lights can fit into virtually any space you need illumination.

Add illumination and indication to your work space with the new WLS27 and WLS28-2 with EZ-STATUS.

For more information, please visit bannerengineering.com.

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