Application: Monitoring ships as they enter and exit ports

Challenges: Very long sensing range

Solution: R-Gage QT50R Radar Sensor

Benefits: 24 m range and unaffected by weather conditions

To establish and maintain an efficient operating routine, all vessel traffic must be monitored as it enters and exits ports. Reliable sensing technology can detect ships as they come into the harbor, helping workers easily track shipments and control traffic to avoid collisions.

Ship detection can be difficult because of local wind and wave conditions, ship size/type and close range noise. Sensing solutions must accurately detect a ship’s arrival, notify workers and withstand aggressive environmental conditions.


A radar sensor used for ship detection in ports acts as a proximity alarm and aids collision avoidance in ranges that sound and visible light cannot reach. When a ship approaches the dock, Banner’s R-Gage QT50R Radar Sensor uses radio waves to determine the ship’s location and emits an output signal to an indicator light or wireless network. This immediately notifies workers so they can load or unload the vessel as needed.

The R-Gage uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar to reliably detect moving objects regardless of environmental conditions. The sensor’s functions are unaffected by wind, rain, fog, light, humidity and air temperature, making it ideal for outdoor harbor conditions. The R-Gage is available with an optional rain shield—shown in this application—to provide additional protection from harsh weather conditions.

The radar sensor detects objects up to a specified distance, ignoring objects and backgrounds beyond the set point, allowing for accurate ship detection. The R-Gage motion sensor is easily set up and configured with a choice of sensitivity and range, with distance up to 24 m.