The Wireless Solutions Kit for Temperature and Humidity makes it easy to monitor environmental conditions in multiple places from a convenient location. It is plug-and-play compatible with Banner’s temperature and humidity sensors and wireless nodes. It will collect data from up to 40 nodes, providing an at-a-glance display of conditions at each installation. Using the graphical touch screen interface, users can setup a wireless network and begin collecting data in just a few simple steps.

Key Benefits


Properly monitoring environmental conditions offers many benefits beyond simply managing energy expenses. Maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels is also critical to ensuring that equipment operates efficiently, processes run smoothly, and products and raw materials are stored in conditions that protect quality and maximize shelf life. A comfortable work environment is safer and more productive because staff are more alert and focused on tasks.


Four bright, color coded icons on the HMI home screen provide top level status indication for the wireless nodes. Each icon represents up to 10 wireless nodes. Simply touch the icon to drill down and view the status of each node in the group. Add a tower light or indicator to the kit for high level status indication that can easily be seen from a distance and in bright ambient conditions.


Easily expand the monitoring capabilities offered by the solutions kit by connecting it to the web. This allows users to view dashboards and data remotely from a PC or any other internet-enabled device. Additional advanced capabilities allow users to configure the kit to generate SMS text and/or email alerts for user-defined events.


Access to timely, accurate environmental information makes it easy for staff to quickly identify and respond to aberrant environmental conditions, helping to ensure that temperature and humidity levels remain within required parameters. Logged data can be used to document the location and duration of any fluctuations in environmental conditions.


Temperature monitoring in a greenhouse application image

The Wireless Solutions Kit for Temperature and Humidity can be used to monitor environmental conditions in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Energy and facility management
  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Greenhouses and agricultural settings
  • Manufacturing processes