Application: Bright, even lighting in a large warehouse

Challenges: Large, open areas make effective illumination difficult

Solution: Banner Engineering’s WLB92 LED Light Bar

Benefits: Heavy-duty, very bright, and low maintenance


Getting consistent lighting across a large area can be challenging with traditional fluorescent lighting. In order to light up a large warehouse or similar area, bright LED lighting can provide an efficient, low-maintenance solution.


The heavy-duty, energy-saving WLB92 from Banner Engineering provides an extremely bright lighting solution that provides consistent lighting across a warehouse. Since the LED factory light is so bright and gives a uniform output, fewer lights are needed in total, helping reduce the overall cost of lights and installation time.

With a sleek, yet rugged and durable design, the WLB92 has an aesthetically-pleasing look while providing durability to stand up in industrial environments. The LED light bar is available in ac quick-disconnect, ac conduit and dc models providing flexibility to accommodate diverse application requirements.

With an easy installation, the WLB92 can easily be placed throughout the warehouse for effective LED lighting solutions. Increased lighting can help improve worker productivity as well as reducing eyestrain.