EPIC® Connectors for Hot Runner Systems

The plastics industry began using hot runner technology over 50 years ago and it dramatically improved the productivity, material utilization, and quality of injection molded parts. These systems use advanced thermal units to precisely control the temperature of heated components and the plastic resin in the manifold and nozzles.

Hot runner systems improve productivity – but only if they are up and running cycle after cycle. Hot runners operate under extreme conditions requiring robust system components to maintain production. One key to a reliable hot runner is choosing connectors and cables that can survive the extreme thermal, chemical, and mechanical conditions required for injection molding operations.

LAPP’s EPIC® connectors are already used throughout the industry because they are engineered to operate in intense industrial environments.  Key EPIC® features include:

·         Connection designs allow for quick mold changes and maintenance operations

·         Amperage ranges from 8.5 to 100amps

·         Most inserts are suitable for 600V

·         Temperature range up to 125 C

·         Mating cycle up to 500

·         Modular version allows a mix of Power, Signal, Data and Air in a single connector.

For injection molders. If you are an injection molder currently operating hot runner systems, LAPP has a range of connectors and cable components that are hot runner-ready. Our EPIC® connectors are already used by a range of equipment suppliers.  LAPP products are available as aftermarket components for thermal gate, valve gate, hot half, hot spruce, and manifold systems from a wide variety of manufacturers.

For hot runner OEMs. If you manufacture hot runner systems of any kind, LAPP’s industry leading EPIC® industrial connectors that have a track record of success. LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® Connect engineering team can also design and deliver customized, fully-tested cable assemblies – reducing your engineering time, simplifying your bill of materials, and improving the reliability of your products.

Review LAPP’s EPIC® HB connector series to determine which products best fit your requirements.

EPIC® HB series connectors


EPIC® HBE series inserts for power & control


EPIC® HB hoods

EPIC® ULTRA series housings

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