LAPP is a pioneer in products designed for dynamic cable applications including continuous flexing, torsion, and robotics.  We have over 55 years of product development experience.  The need to perform Continuous Flexing (CF) testing on industrial cable is crucial because of the demands of increasingly challenging industry applications.  As automation increases, and the level of movement sophistication of manufacturing machines grows, the need for robust, reliable flexible connectivity cables rises as well.

LAPP rates all of our products using a stringent set of standards.  Our continuous flex testing methods have been meticulously developed over years combining engineering expertise and experience gained from working with a wide range of manufacturers working in harsh industrial environments.  After evaluating a product’s mechanical and electrical performance, we classify motion type attributes into precise Continuous Flexing (CF) categories which are defined in the Cable Attributes section of our catalog.  This information is yet another technology tool LAPP provides customers to help them determine the best products for their individual requirements.

LAPP’s Continuous Flex Test Method has now earned UL Verification.  UL performed a detailed audit of our continuous flex testing methodology claims of CF-01, CF-02, and CF-03. The UL audit included requirements of calibrated specialty equipment, a well trained staff, and controlled documentation in compliance with ISA 17025.

This UL Verification is the latest recognition of LAPP’s position as the industry leading manufacturer of high quality flexible cables.