At Lapp Group, we understand the critical role our brand and products play in a wide array of industries and manufacturing applications. Our business partners depend on the quality, performance, and durability of our total electrical connectivity solutions to keep their facilities and lines up and running, even in the most demanding conditions.

When you choose Lapp Group, you connect with a billion dollar global organization with a rich history of helping our customers achieve optimum productivity and greater business success. You connect to a proven line of over 40,000 products, including cable, connectors, strain relief, and accessories, that provides more uptime and reduces downtime. You connect with a company that combines international capabilities with domestic manufacturing; ensuring product quality and availability. And, you connect with unrivaled customer support that is with you every step of the way.

Extensive resources to help your business move forward.

Established in Germany in the 1950’s and the US in 1976, Lapp Group NA has its North American headquarters located in a 130,000 square foot facility in Florham Park, New Jersey. This location also houses our state-of-the-art cable manufacturing plant, Lapp Cable Works. Our in-house testing lab which is unique in the industry is a member of the UL Client Data Program. Lapp Group’s domestic manufacturing and coast-to-coast network of logistics centers allow us to provide greater inventory, flexibility,  and the ability to deliver products quickly. And, our North American R&D team can develop custom cable products that meet virtually any need and application.

Connect to an impressive high-quality product line.

Lapp Group’s single-source electric connectivity solutions include a robust suite of standard and custom-made power, control and data connectors. Our brands include ÖLFLEX®, EPIC®, SKINTOP®, ETHERLINE®, UNITRONIC®, HITRONIC®, SILVYN®, and FLEXIMARK®. Each has a strong reputation for performance and reliability renowned in the industry.

Connect with industry expertise.

Companies around the world rely on Lapp Group’s total connectivity solutions to keep their operations running at peak performance. You’ll find our products hard at work in an array of industries, including countless industrial and automated manufacturing applications, to a large degree because we understand the unique challenges found in most industrial environments.

Lapp plays a key role within many industries, including;

• Automotive

• Food and beverage

• Oil and gas

• Machinery and equipment

• Wind energy

• Mining

• Pulp and paper

• Logistics centers

• Steel and metal

• Water sewage and waste

• Robotics • Leisure and entertainment

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