Extremelife-60 offers a premium
solution for extreme applications

Specifying the proper cable for an
application is critical. Not only can the
wrong cable type make installations
more difficult and time consuming, it can
also lead to frequent replacements and
down time.
Turck’s new Extremelife-60 cables are
made from a proprietary jacket material
that holds up extraordinarily well in
harsh or cold environments, as the cable
is easier to work with and will not crack
like other more traditional products. This
makes the cables an ideal fit for control
and instrumentation applications where
extreme cold performance is required.
The rugged cables also offer superior
crush, impact, and abrasion resistance,
Extremelife-60 offers a premium
solution for extreme applications
meeting the same test specifications as
metal clad armored cables. These features,
along with the numerous cable approvals
for this offering, allow Extremelife-60
cables to excel in oil and gas, marine
shipboard, and mobile equipment
In addition, with the availability of our
new TC-ER HL cable approval, these cables
are now capable of being used in Class I
Division 1 hazardous locations, as well as
Class I Division 2 areas.
With a broad range of approvals and a
rugged reliability that is second to none,
all other cables fail in comparison to the

Agency Approvals
■ UL: ITC, PLTC, ITC-ER, PLTC-ER, TC-ER HL, and Direct Burial
■ CUL: CIC Listed (300 V), CIC/TC Listed (600 V), Direct Burial
■ NEC/CEC: approved for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations
■ Marine Shipboard: UL 1309, IEEE 1580-2010, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
■ IEC: Jacket is Type ST2 per IEC 60092-360:2014, IEC 60332-3-22 (flame)

Fuente: https://pdb2.turck.de/