ETHERLINE® TRAY CAT.7 is first-to-market tray-rated (UL PLTC) Industrial Ethernet cable

As manufacturing processes become more integrated, the need for higher bandwidth and faster transmission of data is increasing.  Improving production output and efficiency depends on industrial communication to connect the platform to manufacturing operations, and to provide data links within an industrial infrastructure.  Industrial Ethernet (IE) cables can provide the data speeds that enable manufacturing networks to run at optimum levels.

LAPP’s new ETHERLINE® TRAY CAT.7 in engineered to operate in demanding industrial environments with a specially formulated PVC jacket and foam polyethylene insulation to maintain cable integrity.  A long list of impressive cable attributes include:

The ETHERLINE® TRAY CAT.7 provides a maximum transfer rate up to 10 GBit/s up to 328 feet.

Additionally, the overall braid and individually shielded pairs reduce interference, providing reliable industrial signal – maximizing productivity.

As industrial communication requirements grow, so does the number of cables linking machines in a production system – crowding cable cabinets.  The ETHERLINE® TRAY CAT.7 cable’s innovative design and construction provide an 8.9mm OD which, combined with a minimum stationary bend radius of 10 x cable diameter, helps ease installation in tight spaces.

The ETHERLINE® TRAY CAT.7 is manufactured by LAPP so quality is assured.


Make your factory Future-Ready with high speed, high reliability ETHERLINE® cable and connectivity from LAPP.