Reliably monitor speed or detect position, direction of rotation and angle of rotation — encoders are useful for several industrial measuring tasks. Turck’s comprehensive range offers users products such as hollow-shaft and solid-shaft devices as well as models featuring completely contactless and wear-free detection. Turck can help you choose the ideal sensor, whether you are looking for Efficiency encoders for standard applications or Premium encoders with IP67/IP69K protection ratings for harsh environments.

Contactless Encoders

Thanks to the inductive measuring principle, Turck’s contactless encoders are wear-free and interference-free as there is no mechanical coupling between the sensor and the positioning element on the shaft. Benefitting from the IP67/IP69K protection rating and able to tolerate shaft offsets (of up to 4 millimeters), these encoders can be used reliably even in the most difficult conditions.

Hollow-Shaft Encoders

Hollow-shaft encoders are conveniently mounted with a torque arm, making them ideal for dynamic applications. Turck offers hollow-shaft encoders with contactless or conventional technology. The devices are available in sizes ranging from 24 to 100 millimeters in diameter, with incremental, singleturn or multiturn output types.

Solid-Shaft Encoders

Solid-shaft encoders mounted with a bellows coupling are less sensitive to vibration and shocks. Turck offers devices with high protection ratings up to IP69K or with double-bearing technology to suit the requirements of your application. Solid-shaft encoders are also a reliable solution for applications that involve measuring wheels.