To optimize efficiency and output, the progress of multiple FOUPs in single wafer deposition machine must be closely monitored. Staff work in close proximity to these machines and prolonged exposure to bright light from tower lights can cause eye strain, leading to physical and mental fatigue. Keep reading to learn how TL30 Basic tower lights solve this application.

Application: Status Indication of FOUP Progress

Deposition is just one in a number of steps necessary during semiconductor device fabrication. Between processes, silicon wafers are stored in a FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod) to ensure that the wafers are secure in a controlled environment for safe transport. Multiple FOUPs can be loaded into a single wafer deposition machine at any given time. Once all the wafers have been processed and returned to the FOUP, the FOUP can be removed and a new one loaded into the machine.

Providing clean room staff with clear indication of the status of each FOUP can improve efficiency and increase output. However, eye strain caused by working near bright tower lights for extended periods of time can result in worker fatigue, an increase in errors, and a decrease in productivity.

Solution: Tower Lights with Comfortable Light Output

TL30 Basic tower lights provide easy-to-see status indication, but with a level of light output that is comfortable to the human eye. Staff can work near one or more tower lights for extended periods of time without discomfort or eye strain.

Deployed above each FOUP loaded into the single wafer deposition machine, the TL30 Basic tower lights provide staff with quick, at-a-glance indication of the progress of the FOUPs. When a specific stage in the deposition process is in progress, the corresponding color segment will shine. When the stage is complete, the segment will appear gray to prevent false indication caused by ambient light. When the green segment is lit, the FOUP can be removed and a new one loaded.

Benefits of TL30 Basic Tower Lights


TL30 Basic tower lights have a slim 30 mm cylindrical body that fits easily in areas where larger tower lights may interfere with movement or processes and can be excessive to the needs of the application.


The TL30 Basic is the most cost-effective tower light from Banner Engineering. The completely self-contained device requires no controller and comes fully assembled, enabling rapid deployment in small- or large-scale applications. The rugged IP65 and IK07-rated build and LED lights ensure long-term, maintenance-free operation.


The light output provided by the TL30 Basic is more comfortable on the eyes in applications where staff may work in very close proximity to a tower light over a prolonged period of time.