Choosing the right Banner Engineering laser sensor doesn’t have to be hard: follow along and discover the strengths of each sensor and which one to use for your application needs.


Banner Engineering offers laser distance sensors to fit every need, but it can be challenging to decide which is best for an application.

This video will guide you through the key features of the Banner portfolio to help you pick the best sensor for your application.

The Q4X is Banner’s most versatile series of laser distance sensors. With a range from 25 to 610 millimeters, and the ability to detect sub-millimeter changes, these compact, rugged sensors perform reliably in a wide variety of applications.

This is a great place to start. But what if that isn’t a long enough range? Or you need higher excess gain to detect darker objects? Or even higher precision at greater distances?

The Q5X has a range from 95 millimeters to 2 meters. It has a higher excess gain than the Q4X, and even greater precision beyond 100 millimeters.

From the Q5X, there are two ways to go— for an even longer range, or for greater precision.

For longer range requirements the LTF Series is the solution.

The LTF has a range of 50 millimeters all the way up to 24 meters. This range enables it to be even more precise beyond 1 meter. It also has analog output models available.

The LTF is Banner Engineering’s best sensor for extended-range applications.

If higher precision than the Q5X is what’s needed, look to the LE series of precision distance measurement sensors.

The LE sensors have a range from 100 millimeters to 1 meter with increased precision. The LE series also has analog models available and performs more reliably through ambient temperature changes.

And if only the most precise sensor will do the job, use the LM sensor.

This sensor offers the highest precision: a resolution of two microns, even more stability through temperature changes than the LE, high excess gain, and the best overall performance.

All this in the smallest housing of all Banner’s laser distance measurement sensors.

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