Depth filter sheets – the heart of many filtration solutions

Eaton is a leading supplier of complete depth
filtration solutions and develops, manufactures and
provides high-quality depth filtration media for food,
beverage, fine chemical and pharmaceutical  applications.

Depth filter sheets are used for coarse, clarifying and
fine filtration and are particularly suitable for microbial
reduction and removal, as well as upstream protection of
membranes. The application of support sheets ranges
from recovery of valuable material, such as protein
precipitate, to support material for pre-coat filtration.

Finely fibrillated cellulose fibers are combined with
filtration-active components to manufacture
BECO® depth filter sheets. Whereas, BECOPAD® depth
filter sheets are constructed of high-purity cellulose
fibers without the addition of mineral components.

They are used as filter media in BECODISC® stacked disc
cartridges, BECO PROTECT® CS CellStream depth filter
cartridges and BECO® MiniCap® disposable filter units.

The product range of depth filter media also contains
filtration systems in a range of designs and sizes.


Enclosed systems:
• BECO INTEGRA PLATE™ plate and frame filters
• BECO INTEGRA DISC™ stacked disc cartridge housings
• BECO INTEGRA CART™ cartridge housings
• BECO INTEGRA SOLO™ single-sheet filters
• BECO INTEGRA LAB™ laboratory filters

Classic systems:

• BECO COMPACT PLATE™ plate and frame filters

Eaton depth filter sheets meet national and international
quality standards, such as:

• LFGB standard (German Food, Commodity and
Feed Act) in Germany
• FDA guidelines (Food and Drug Administration)
from the USA

For further information, please refer to the Declaration
of Conformity documents, technical data sheets and
Validation Guides, especially for the pharmaceutical