Application: Verify correct product on pallet

Challenges: Product moves quickly and wrapped in shrink and barcode can be damaged

Solution: Banner TCNM linear barcode scanner

Benefits: 500-1000 scans per second, reconstructs damaged barcodes

In the beverage filling industry, barcode technology can provide many benefits when shipping products among multiple locations. Shipping containers such as shrink wrapped pallets can be labeled with barcodes in order to more easily identify which product is present and ready to be shipped. A sensing solution needs to be present to confirm that the final, shrink-wrapped product is labeled correctly and matches the content inside.


Banner Engineering’s TCNM linear barcode scanner allows for an automated way to confirm the product in real time and can help eliminate shipping and receiving errors.  It can precisely and efficiently read the barcode labels located on shrink wrapped pallets to verify the filled bottles inside.  The barcode scanner can decode over a dozen frequently used linear barcode symbols and detects up to 10 linear pallets.

The TCNM sensor functions at high scan rates of 500 to 1,000 scans per second and is ready to scan out of the box. It can read barcodes in ranges from 40 to 600mm and has an advanced rebuilding algorithm that combines multiple scans to reconstruct damaged code information. This improves the reading rate of the barcodes. The barcode scanner is also made with very rugged IP65 rated housing.