Dear Valued Customer:

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued an Executive order on Wednesday that directs our state and citizens to limit movement outside of individual homes beginning at 11:59 p.m. March 27 through April 10 at 5:00 p.m. This order acknowledges companies needed to maintain essential infrastructure and provides their workers with exemptions from this “Stay at Home” order.

Banner Engineering – a “Critical Manufacturing” Company and Partner

Per guidance from state authorities, Banner Engineering will continue to operate for the following reasons:

  • Banner Engineering is essential to critical manufacturing sectors:  Governor Walz’s executive order expressly exempts those businesses providing operations necessary for the manufacturing of materials and products needed for medical supply chains, transportation, energy, communications, food and agriculture, chemical manufacturing, nuclear facilities, operation of dams, water and wastewater management, emergency services and the defense industrial base. See Executive Order 20-20, 6(j), Page 7.
  • Our NAICS codes determines our course: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development published a list of critical NAICS industry codes. Codes 3119 and 3254 are listed as critical codes, indicating that our employees in those industries qualify for a Critical Sector worker exemption. Our NAICS codes include critical manufacturing supply chain support:
    • Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing (NAIC 3254)
    • Other Food Manufacturing (NAIC 3119)

The “Stay at Home” order attached and incorporated to this message references the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CSA) guidance.

Executive Order 20-20 requires all employees who can work from home to do so, even if they are eligible for a Critical Sector worker exemption. Prior to issuance of this order, Banner Engineering began incorporating comprehensive safety measures to safeguard our employees and the greater community. We remain fully functional as we comply with this order, determined to continue under social distancing and greatly enhanced sanitization procedures. To this end, we are not accepting visitors and have restricted all corporate travel.

In our transition, we have stepped up to work with Minnesota, national, and international partners to enable the fight against COVID-19. We thank you for your efforts, and we repeat: rely on us. We stand ready to help.

Andy Barnauskas
Chief Operating Officer / Sr. Vice President of Operations
Banner Engineering Corporation