In automotive quality inspections, verifying the presence of dark parts against an equally dark background is extremely common.  In addition, a wide variety of target colors can be present in this application.  Learn how the Q5X laser distance sensor solves this application.

Challenge: Dark and Varied Targets

Dark objects are already difficult for many sensors to detect.  Because they absorb red light, dark objects significantly reduce the amount of light that returns to the sensor.  In addition, very dark targets against an equally dark background are even more challenging for many sensors, especially those that rely on color or contrast, to reliably detect.   Many car seats consist of black fabric or leather material with black plastic components, such as levers and buttons to adjust seat height and tilt. Verifying the presence of these components is essential to ensuring the quality of the final product.  Learn more about Banner’s solutions for dark object detection. 

In addition to dark components on a dark background, the variety of vehicle trims automotive manufacturers produce means that seats and seat components come in a wide range of colors, including black, gray, tan, and even fabrics with multiple color transitions such as plaid.  It is therefore important to identify a solution that can reliably detect all possible color combinations.

Solution: Laser Distance Sensors with High Excess Gain

A triangulation-based laser sensor like the Q5X sensor has no difficulty detecting dark targets on dark backgrounds when there is a height difference. In addition, a high excess gain will enable the sensor to reliably detect even the darkest objects even against a dark target.

The Q5X sensor can reliably detect these challenging targets even out to 2 meters and at an angle, enabling greater mounting flexibility.   In addition, the Q5X can detect targets of all colors, including multicolored objects, with ease.  This ensures all varieties of automotive seats can be reliably inspected with one device.

Key Benefits of the Q5X Laser Distance Sensor


The Q5X sensor solves the most difficult distance-based applications, even at acute angles.  The Q5X reliably detects extremely dark targets (<6% reflective), black targets against a black background, black targets against a shiny metal background, clear and reflective objects, multicolor packaging, and targets of all colors.


The Q5X features a durable, cost-effective plastic housing, and an extensive offering of metal protective brackets for the most difficult industrial environments.  With an intuitive user interface, the Q5X sensor is simple to deploy quickly, saving time and costs.  In addition, dual teach mode enables the sensor to verify multiple conditions—such as part presence and orientation—with a single device. This reduces sensor inventory requirements, as well as installation and maintenance costs.