Banner Engineering offers a complete portfolio of tower lights–for your simplest to your most advanced indication requirements.  Watch the video to learn more about our capabilities for machine status indication.


Video Transcript

Introducing the complete portfolio of tower lights from Banner Engineering. Our tower lights come in a wide range sizes and capabilities.

Basic tower lights offer simple functionality and are a cost-effective solution for straightforward applications. Like all Banner indicators, Basic tower lights appear gray when off to avoid false indication.

Core tower lights expand indication possibilities. Core lights come in both self-contained and modular constructions to ensure flexibility. They are also available in high brightness, compact, and outdoor beacon models. Mix and match features with expanded color options, audible alarms, and various power inputs to match your requirements.

Step up to the Pro series for full functionality and control. Pro, or programmable indicators, can be customized to display the widest range of colors and eye-catching animations to represent advanced machine statuses. They can also capture dynamic conditions, like fill level and warning thresholds, that standard tower lights cannot.

For Industrial Internet of Things applications, tower lights featuring IO-Link or wireless communications unlock valuable data and enable remote monitoring of machine status. Realize the full potential of IIoT by turning indication data into actionable intelligence. Collect production data over time and make it available for runtime analysis and process improvements.

From local machine status to dynamic conditions to Industrial Internet of Things applications, tower lights from Banner Engineering can solve all of your indication challenges.